2-Part Acoustic Guitar Making Program

This program was developed for those still in the workforce, that don’t have the luxury of 5-weeks off to do our 5-week Guitar Making Program.

Essentially, we just split the course into 2 parts. So, you do the first 3 weeks of the course in one year, and then return to do weeks 4 and 5 the following year. This of course can be reversed so you do 2 weeks year one, and 3 weeks in year two, your choice. For the second portion, you will join an ongoing class in week 4.

So, it’s the same course, just done in two parts. The tuition is the same. The second portion must be completed within one calendar year of the first portion to keep scheduling from becoming difficult.

There is limited access to this program. We will only book one of the 6 available benches for the 2-part course. The remaining 5 benches will be available for 5-week Acoustic Guitar Making students only.

Accommodations may be available as well, please inquire. The fee is simply apportioned.


We need 2/3 of the tuition paid on your first visit, and 1/3 on the second. So, if the tuition is $5,300 for the 5-week course, those on part one of the 2-part course will pay $3,500 for part one, and $1,800 for the second part. Taxes will be added. Prices may vary due to market conditions.

Book your bench: to hold your bench, please forward a deposit of $500 by interac transfer, cash, or cheque. Please see the FAQ page for details.

We look forward to working with you!

Cheers, Ted Brown, Luthier.

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