Blackwood’s Six Month Lutherie Certificate Program

This program is designed for those looking to work as Lutherie as a profession, and those with a desire to make fine acoustic guitars. The course has two semesters of 3 months, with a break in the middle of 1 month. Blackwood’s 5-week Acoustic Guitar Program is a pre-requisite for this Certificate Program. All machinery, hand tools, and materials are supplied.

Components of the Program

  1. Mastery of hand tools and Machines – a two-week program to enhance the woodworking skills of the Luthier. We go through sharpening of all hand tools including planes, chisels, cabinet scrapers and detailing knives. We teach the standard millwork process used by fine furniture makers. All of these machine skills are applicable to guitar making.
  1. Guitar 1: Adding features to guitars – in this part of the program we will cover how to add features such as cutaways, sound ports, advanced end grafts, and arm rests. A complete guitar will be built using two or more of these features.
  1. Guitar 2 – Advanced builds. In this part of the program, we challenge the student to apply advanced techniques in the build of the guitar such as – L and C shaped neck blocks, solid steam bent and laminated linings, mold making – both bending molds and building molds will be made by the student for a guitar of their own design. Students will design and complete a detailed assembly drawing for this guitar.
  1. Guitar 3 – a solid body guitar will be the challenge in this part of the course. The student will design the guitar and complete a detailed assembly drawing. Next the molds will be developed and built. The guitar will have solid sides, a full 5/16” thick. The student will display his/her skills by selecting the features they enjoy in a guitar. An in-depth discussion on wood species and their application will guide students toward making specific wood selections with the goal of creating a fine acoustic guitar with a specific sound.

This Certificate Program is all inclusive. It includes all materials for three complete builds, mold materials, and all shop essentials. Students are required to bring hearing protection and safety glasses. This is 1:1 training. There will only be one student taken per year.

Tuition for this all-inclusive program is $36,400.

Potential students must apply to this program for acceptance.

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