The Alumni Open Shop Program is strictly for graduates of Blackwood that would like to return and enjoy our fully equipped workshop for short periods of time. You may book in for a few days, or a few weeks, your choice.

You can book times to come up and build another guitar, time to kick back and get away from it all. We offer accommodations at $85 per night for stays of less than 5 days, that rate drops to $55 per night for longer stays.

  1. Daily rate = $100 per day, that works out to 12.50/hr.
  2. Weekly rate is 5 days x $80/day = $400 per week, that works out to $10/hour.
  3. Room rates are $85/night.
  4. Room rates for 5-days or longer are $55/night.
  5. Tutored sessions – short training workshops may be arranged. They will be quoted based on an agreed fee.
  6. All shop fees must be prepaid on Monday or before. Materials may be paid at weeks end.

Plus materials and taxes


  • Multiple day programs cannot be broken into parts.
  • Students are responsible to bring and wear appropriate protective equipment and to obey shop safety rules and norms.
  • Periodic questions to the luthier are ok, however this is not a course, you cannot expect instruction.
  • This opportunity is for guitar building only, it is not for other woodworking activities or millwork sessions.
  • Materials such as backs and sides, top wood, braces, tape, sandpaper, special adhesives, and hardware are available through the Blackwood Store.
  • A daily tally of materials used is a must. It will be kept by the Alumni member and the funds will be collected at weeks end.
  • You may use the hand tools at your bench, and from the common tool rack. You are welcome to bring your own hand tools.
  • Daily cleanup is expected from all participants.
  • All participants are expected to perform in a friendly, co-operative manner. Failing to do so will result in being asked to leave the shop without refund.

The intent of this program is to provide a reasonable opportunity for our Alumni to come and enjoy the shop, and to help cover the overhead. I hope to see a regular group that gets along and shares in the joy of guitar making. Access to benches during courses is a possibility, please inquire. Accommodations are available at reasonable prices, please inquire.

A quiet country shop is a dream, come take advantage of this opportunity to relax and make a fine guitar!!

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