How to Purchase

There are several ways to purchase a guitar from Blackwood Guitar Company.

1. Contact Us

You can review the guitars on this site, and purchase them by using our “Contact” link, and/or you can just give me (Ted Brown) a call at 613 292-1985.

2. Make an Appointment to see/try the guitars

Simply call Ted Brown at 613 292-1985 to set up an appointment. You can come over, see the guitars, try them out, and decide if you would like to purchase a guitar from current inventory, or order a custom guitar to suit your needs. Alternatively, you can Email me using the contact link on the site to set up an appointment, or to simply ask questions. 🙂

3. Custom Guitar Fitting

If you are looking for specific features on your guitar, I welcome you to visit to talk about the details that are important to you. Items such as scale length, nut width, finish, tuner type, action setup, neck shape, pick-up type and installation, guitar size, wood selection etc are all part of the discussion leading to a guitar made just for you! Call 613 292-1985 for a custom fitting visit. At that time, I will have you try some guitars so you can get an idea what you like, and what your would like changed.

It is also a great opportunity to personally select the wood for the back/sides of your guitar. I carry all kinds of wood from very light woods, all the way to black woods, and colours in between. Many of the exotics I have in stock have stunning, and unique figure. This is a lot of fun to pick a great looking “set” of wood from which your guitar will be made.

4. Deposit for custom orders

All it takes is a deposit of 25% of the value of the guitar to get the process rolling! This will of course be deducted from the final cost. I will provide you with a written quote listing all of the features we have decided on, and a projected date of completion for your new guitar. Build times typically range from about 3 months to 6 months, depending on the lineup in my order book. Guitars start in the 3 to 4 thousand range. Custom guitars with features such as cutaways, arm rests, sound ports, specialty woods and electronics will be quoted on an individual basis.


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