Saturday Guitar Tuneup

Acoustic Guitar tune-up course

Saturday April 6th from 9am to 1pm – $200 taxes included.

Saturday September 21st from 9am to 1pm – $200 taxes included.

Light lunch included.

Please bring your guitar and a new set of strings. If you have a truss rod wrench, bring it along. One guitar per student please.

Course content:

  1. Fret checks and fret dressing.
  2. Changing strings
  3. Setting the action
  4. Truss rod adjustment.
  5. Saddle and nut adjustments.
  6. Oiling the fretboard and bridge.

This course is for musicians that want to do their own basic tune-up and maintenance to keep their acoustic guitars performing well.

We will start out by reviewing the current condition of your guitar. We can use your existing strings to rough in the action on your guitar. We will then remove the old strings and look at the frets. We will identify any high frets, and then dress the frets to get them all back to the same height.

We will re-crown frets that have been adjusted for height, and check/dress the fret ends to make the neck comfortable. We will oil the fretboard and bridge.

We will install a new set of strings, then fine adjust the action and/or truss rod as required. We will verify that the action (space between the top of the frets and bottom of the strings is set to standard action settings by measuring the action at the 1rst and 12th frets. Saddle and nut adjustments may be required.

This is a tune-up course, not a repair course. Your guitar should be in reasonable shape for the course to be useful, please don’t bring in a sad old warrior looking for restoration, thanks.

**Please bring a set of new strings for your guitars.**

Cheers, Ted Brown, Luthier.

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