Slope Shouldered Dreadnought

S/N 072019

This is the Blackwood Slope Shouldered Dreadnought. Designed to have a big voice, while being comfortable to play.

This guitar is part of our premium series of guitars, featuring solid sides that are 5/16″ thick. These sides give us a solid frame on which to build a great guitar. This guitar is solid from butt to the top of the headstock, leading to improved vibration transfer and improved sustain. The neck joint is upgraded to our 2-tenon, 2-bolt neck joint design. This makes for a very strong neck joint, that is removable for service.

The neck itself is multi-ply. With 5-ply construction, the neck will not twist or warp. It also is quite stiff, so it adds to sustain. If your guitar falls off the stand one day, this neck will not break, every ply runs all the way to the top of the headstock. The neck is finished in and oil/wax product that gives the player a very natural “wooden” feel, a joy to play.

This guitar also features a braceless back design, with the back used more as a reflector than a second diaphragm. This improves the volume that the guitar puts out.
The Dreadnought is finished in UV Poly, a very durable, and extremely shiny finish that you can see yourself in.

All in all, a powerhouse guitar that has a big voice, and a full tonal spectrum.


  • Highly figured African Ovangkol body
  • 5-ply neck with walnut/maple/ebony/maple/walnut construction
  • Solid 5/16″ thick side construction for improved sustain
  • Black Gotoh tuners
  • Red accent stripe in the ebony rosette
  • Ebony bridge and fret board
  • 2-way adjustable truss rod
  • Oil/wax neck finish for natural feel
  • 2-tenon, 2-bolt study yet removable neck joint.
  • UV Poly finish on the body is very durable, and is very high gloss.
  • Comes with case
  • 3-year warranty

$3,995 Canadian Dollars.

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