This course is for those that have previously taken the Acoustic Guitar Making course. You will need those skills to be ready to take this course on.

We will again make a guitar during the 5-week program. Each student will have a unique guitar with different features, so you will learn by working on your own guitar, and by observing others making their custom guitars.

Key techniques:

  1. Guitars with a cutaway
  2. Arm rest construction
  3. Triple wall construction
  4. Blackwood RIGID NECK carbon rod system
  5. Multi tenon and bolt on neck systems
  6. Strong necks: multi-ply necks with carbon rods
  7. Sound port installation
  8. Wood selection to dial in tone
  9. Advanced bracing techniques
  10. Tap tuning

This course will be given periodically as we get enough students through the Acoustic Guitar Making course to fill a class for Advanced Techniques.

Tuition: $5200

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